mardi 13 septembre 2011

Modern Funeral Art join DMA Records

DMA Records is proud to announced we have added the wonderful melodic doom sounds of MODERN FUNERAL ART to our roster of bands.
This stunning three-piece manage to blend captivating melodies, solid doom riffage and a diversity of influences into the one unique package that sets them apart from everybody else. The album DOOM WITH A VIEW was mastered by Dan SWANÖ at unisound studio in Sweden and is a praiseworthy release full of superior tunes not only from the melodic doom perspective but also from the point of view of a great rock album.
DMA Records is proud to be now affiliated with this distinguished first-rate band...........

"This is one of the most original recordings of Doom Metal released in the last year but what makes it so strong it straddles the fine line between Traditional Doom Metal and epic melodic rock. Even more unique is the amazingly original vocal sound that is unlike anything around in Doom Metal at the moment. Add to that the great musicianship, entertaining lyrical content, excellent full production and you are left with something that is full of a personality that is all their own." ( DOOMMANTIA.COM ON DOOM WITH A VIEW )

Stay tuned for further updates on merchandise and on what is happening with Modern Funeral Art at Doommantia.Com - Home of DMA Records.

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